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#national3 #Rumilly Vallieres - #Ain Sud (2-0) But BUT #ASFC
Tweeted 5 minutes ago by footnational
#national3 #Rumilly Vallieres - #Ain Sud (1-0) But Volic #ASFC
Tweeted 5 minutes ago by footnational
We're all hoping that action is taken against the #asfc players but because this isn't the premiership I bet nothing is done. Shame really as a stamp like that could of seriously damaged Taylor & ended his career if it caught him elsewhere #cafc
Tweeted 20 minutes ago by tegsyjack
Dimi surprise at debut #ASFC
Tweeted 29 minutes ago by news_accrington
@RawMilkZine I am sorry to hear that has happened to you. I personally didn't see any issues but the majority of supporters have a lot of respect for your fans and owner. Shame about the conduct of the players though but I hope the FA will deal with appropriately. All the best. #cafc #asfc
Tweeted 33 minutes ago by buzzcarmen
@ASFCofficial Didn’t actually see what Taylor or Maxted did to be sent off but just grow up and accept the fact that we were the better side and you lost #cafc #asfc
Tweeted 55 minutes ago by FriggiSimone
Accrington Stanley FC: Dimi surprise at debut #asfc
Tweeted an hour ago by fs_league_one
🗣️| New signing @DimiEvtimov admitted he didn't expect to make his Accrington Stanley debut at @CAFCofficial yesterday - and was gutted with the late controversial defeat. #ASFC #OnStanleyOn 🔴 Read more ▶️
Tweeted an hour ago by ASFCofficial
Anyone see footage from before the corner and when Taylor and the keeper fell?? Everything shows a second after and when all the players run in... must be a reason why they both got sent off. #cafc #asfc
Tweeted an hour ago by offside1947
@samfinley8 stamping on a man ON THE FLOOR? That is absolutely shameful. Absolutely shameful. I hope you don't (intend to) have children because what sort of example is that? Disgrace. #cafc #asfc
Tweeted an hour ago by PatrickPamment

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